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Folk Tails Updates:

Questions, Comments Or Concerns? Contact The Director at or Cory Ott: 330-835-7801



Green Ticket Sheets/Money due on April 11th!

Pre-Sale Ticket Information: 

Each kiddo has/will receive an envelope at their next rehearsal: 

- Green Sheet: Fill out for each group purchasing tickets -  Needs returned by April 11th with payment for tickets sold.

- White Sheets: Go to person purchasing tickets as a reminder/ receipt. 

- Tickets are held for all performances under the name on green sheet, so you do not need to specific date of attendance.

- Need extra green or white sheets, ask me at a rehearsal!

- Questions? Feel free to ask me! :)

Volunteer Sign Up!:
Click Here to Sign Up to Volunteer At The Performances!
Depending on the role you select you will get to see SOME of the performance for free that day, please be aware you may not get to see the full or any of production due to the role selected. Please only volunteer for one slot each, and I will then ask for more if we do not have enough sign up! Thanks!


April 11th: 6pm - 8: Everyone 

April 13th: 9am - 11: Everyone 

April 15th: 6pm - 8: Everyone - Wear Your Show Shirt! 

April 16th: 6pm - 8: Everyone - Costume Day!

April 17th: 6pm - 8: Everyone 

April 18th: 6pm - 8: Everyone 

April 19th: Call @ 6pm/ Show @ 7:30pm 

April 20th: Call @ 6pm/ Show @ 7:30pm 

April 21st: Call @ 1pm/ Show @ 2:30pm

All rehearsals/performances are held at Grace Lutheran Church, unless otherwise noted.

(146 High Street, Wadsworth)





Emergency Form

Remind Sign Up Info

3.9.24 Parent Meeting Agenda

T-Shirt Order Forms (Due 3.11.24)
Full Page Flyer

4 Per-Page Flyer

Facebook Event

Things to Bring to Rehearsal:

Script, Pencil, Highlighter, Water/Water Bottle, Snack (If Needed)

Bios: Due March 30th!

Click Here to submit your bio for the program!


You should have received a slip of paper with what to bring for your kiddo! If you did not or happen to misplace it, or just have a question about costumes please contact

Kasey (the Costumer) at 330-221-1586.

Everyone Needs Black Shoes! (No Large Logos, a little white is totally fine!) 



Cast Breakdown: (Subject to Change!)

Introduction: (Also Included in the Conclusion, but only lines in the Introduction.)

Actor ½: Emily Smelser 

Actor One: Juniper Cunningham

Actor Two: Jax Monastra

Actor Three: Lauren Stevenson
Actor Four: Briella Maurer

Actor Five: Finley Bluey

Actor Six: Mia D’Andrea
Conclusion Actors: Emmaline Wolf, Maizey Wagner, Izzy Hughs, Rose Wehn, Reece Amico, Bryn Klusti

Storytellers: Lukas Ziska, Beckett Gardner, Josephine McIlvaine, Kendall Elchico, Chloe Spencer, Piper Schoonover

The Monkey’s Heart

Storyteller: Lukas Ziska (Also Included in Introduction and Conclusion)
Monkey: Thomas Myers
Monkey Pal: Porter McIlvaine
Crocodile One: Ryden Chapman
Crocodile Two: Penny Martin

Crocodile Three: Jasmine Keith

Water: Emily Longenecker

Water: Addalynn Cadle


Anansi’s Dinner Guest

Storyteller: Beckett Gardner (Also Included in Introduction and Conclusion)

Anansi: Quinn Ziska

Turtle: Hailey Svenson

Water: Emily Longenecker

Water: Addalynn Cadle


Bremen Town Musicians

Storyteller: Josephine McIlvaine (Also Included in Introduction and Conclusion)

Donkey: Jett Somerville

Dog: Hayden Lane

Cat: Lexi Dawson

Rooster: Addi Doyle 

Robber One: Adyn Klusti

Robber Two: Emma Turchek

Coyote Gets Revenge

Storyteller: Kendall Elchico (Also Included in Introduction and Conclusion)

Coyote: Connor Laurene

Wolf: Hayden Lovell

Fox: Elizabeth Alonzo

Skunk: Toby Liddy

Water: Emily Longenecker

Water: Addalynn Cadle


Why There Are No Tigers In Borneo

Storyteller: Chloe Spencer (Also Included in Introduction and Conclusion)
Rajah of All Tigers: Alex Tilson 

Tiger One: Leila Hughes

Tiger Two: Claire Blosco

Deer Mouse: Grace Mohler

Porcupine: Landon Doyle


Why Dog Chases All Other Animals

Storyteller: Piper Schoonover (Also Included in Introduction and Conclusion)

Dog: Hayden Lane

Turtle: Griffin Lane

Monkey: Amelia Hughes

Lion: Leah Smerekanich

Elephant: Abby Longenecker 


Conclusion: (Also Included the Introduction, but only lines in the Conclusion) 

Actor 1: Emmaline Wolf

Actor 2: Maizey Wagner

Actor 3: Izzy Hughs

Actor 4: Rose Wehn

Actor 5: Reece Amico

Actor 6: Bryn Klusti

Actor ½: Emily Smelser
Introduction Actors: Juniper Cunningham, Jax Monastra, Lauren Stevenson, Briella Maurer, Finley Bluey, Mia D’Andrea
Storytellers: Lukas Ziska, Beckett Gardner, Josephine McIlvaine, Kendall Elchico, Chloe Spencer, Piper Schoonover

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