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Cast List

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for our production of Folk Tails! We had a larger number than expected auditioned, and we tried to provide as many opportunities as possible. The first rehearsal will be held Saturday, March 9th at Grace Lutheran Church (146 High Street) at 9am - 12. We do ask for a parent to attend a short parent meeting alongside their performer starting at 9am with the read through/rehearsal to follow for the cast. Please bring water, a pencil, highlighter and snack (if needed.) Thanks and congrats to everyone! We will assign specific parts during our read through. So without future ado: 


Folk Tails Cast List:
(In Alphabetical Order By Last Name)

Elizabeth Alonzo

Reece Amico

Claire Blosco

Finley Bluey

Addalynn Cadle

Ryden Chapman

Juniper Cunningham

Mia D'Andrea

Lexie Dawson

Landon Doyle

Addi Doyle

Kendall Elchico

Beckett Gardner

Leila Hughes

Amelia Hughes

Izzy Hughes

Jasmine Keith

Adyn Klusti

Bryn Klusti

Griffin Lane

Hayden Lane

Connor Laurene

Toby Liddy

Emily Longenecker

Abby Longenecker

Hayden Lovell

Penny Martin

Briella Maurer

Porter McIlvaine

Josephine McIlvaine

Grace Mohler

Jax Monastra

Thomas Myers

Piper Schoonover

Emily Smelser

Leah Smerekanich

Jett Somerville

Chloe Spencer

Lauren Stevenson

Hailey Svenson

Alex Tilson

Emma Turchek

Maizey Wagner

Rose Wehn

Emmaline Wolf

Quinn Ziska

Lukas Ziska

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