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Cast List

We had a large number of people audition for our production of High School Musical. Sadly we were not able to cast everyone, however we are working on providing other opportunities for everyone including tech work and a camp taking place alongside this production, so if you did not make the show, be on the lookout for that information to come out soon! I would encourage everyone to keep auditioning and make sure to check our website regularly for more fun to come. Please understand this is a difficult decision and we hope to see everyone again at future auditions. Congrats to the cast, and if you  didn't make this production, don’t give up! 


High School Musical Cast List 


The Jocks: 

Troy Bolton: Corbin Demiter

Chad Danforth: Jack Clymire

Zeke Baylor: Lukas Ziska

Jason: Jett Somerville


The Thespians:

Sharpay Evans: Ava Gochenour

Ryan Evans: Faith Stiggins

James: Liam Hill

Susan: Quinn Ziska

Cathy: Sofia Alvarado

Cyndra: Kristina Jovanovic


The Brainiacs: 

Gabriella Montez: Piper Schoonover

Taylor Mckessie: Gracelynn Owensby

Martha Cox: Kate Becker

Kratnoff: Josephine McIlvaine


The Skater Dudes:

Ripper: Jack Martin

Mongo: Randall Romig


Other Students:

Jack Scott: Alex Tilson

Kelsi Nielsen: Lexie James


The Adults:

Ms. Darbus: Erin Becker

Coach Bolton: Brian Harris

Ms. Tenny: Maggie Collins- Harris

Moderator: Morgan Annable


Featured Dance/Ensemble:

Beckett Gardner

Alyssa Kinder

Kendall Elchico

Addison Batey

Emersyn Kearney

Kaylee Carpas


Teen Ensemble:

Gideon Barton

Sully Harris

Connor Laurene

Michael Basinger

Hayden Lane

Ryden Chapman

Emily Smelser

Claire Blosco

Madison Owensby

Chloe Spencer

Jet Druley

Trinity Barton

Charlotte Harris

Amelia Hughes

Ava Pesata

Caroline Sack

Sophia Homyk

Bailey Adkins

Lisette Hill

Hayden Lovell


Adult Ensemble:

Christina Blosco

Shannon Stiggins

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, June 3, 2024 @ 6pm At Grace Lutheran Church.
Please bring a pencil, highlighter, and water. Thanks and see everyone soon!

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