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About Us

The Wadsworth Footlighters is a community theatre with a deeply rooted history in Wadsworth and the surrounding area. The theatre’s roots were planted in the early 1900’s in the Opera House on South Lyman Street, which was originally built by J.F. Detwiler. In 1913, Joseph Bender purchased the theatre and operated it for ten years. From 1923, community theatre in Wadsworth was sporadic due to the World War I, World War II, and the Depression. Research is ongoing to update archives regarding the history of The Wadsworth Footlighters. Anyone with any information is welcome to contact us for its inclusion.

The current Wadsworth Footlighters was born with the vision to offer the citizens of Wadsworth the opportunity to enrich their lives with art, specifically theatre. In 2010, Cory Ott began with the production of Almost, Maine and staged it at Grace Lutheran Church. Ott originally named the production company The Spotlight Theater Company. However, after a few productions, he was approached and introduced to the history of The Wadsworth Footlighters and decided to change the name of the production company to The Wadsworth Footlighters. As a tribute to Ott’s great, great uncle Joe Bender, who was active in the original Footlighters, the name change was significant because it reflects the commitment to the City of Wadsworth and its history. With the commitment of the Board and support from the community, The Wadsworth Footlighters has grown and is dedicated to advancing theatrical arts. The theatre has strong ties to the community and is committed to fostering a love for theater for citizens of all ages.

Mission Statement

The Wadsworth Footlighters is a local community theatre driven to create and preserve unique experiences, to educate and entertain. We encourage and provide opportunities for all ages who wish to participate, support, and express themselves through the performing arts, both on stage and off.

Past Seasons

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