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Finding Nemo Junior Updates:

Questions, Comments Or Concerns? Contact The Director at or Cory Ott: 330-835-7801




July 7th: 6pm - 8: Everyone 

July 8th: 9am - 12: Everyone 

July 10th: 6pm - Done: Everyone 

July 11th: 6pm - Done: Everyone

July 12th: 6pm - Done: Everyone 

July 13, 14, 15, & 16th: Shows Time!


All rehearsals are held now held at O.J. Work, unless otherwise noted.

(151 Main Street) Please enter through door number 12!





Emergency Form

Remind Sign Up Info

5.20 Parent Meeting Agenda

6.26 Parent Meeting Agenda

Full Page Flyer

4 Per-Page Flyer

Things to Bring to Rehearsal:

Script, Pencil, Highlighter, Water/Water Bottle, Snack (If Needed)



Want it on a flash drive? Bring one and we will put both the vocals and performance on it for you!


Music can also be found on our google drive.


Dance Videos: 

Click Here For the videos!


Bios: Due June 29th!

Click Here to submit your bio for the program!

Amazon Wishlist: 

Click Here to help us our with our Wishlist for this show!

Check Back often as we are always adding things!

Ensemble: Please bring in a pair of black pants and plain black shoes.


Ensemble Break Down:

Orange/Seagull: Prologue (Anglefish, Damesel Fish, Barracuda), Scene 3 (Seagulls), Scene 5 (Jelly Fish), Scene 6 (Seagulls), Scene 10 (Seagulls), Scene 12 (Sea Animal)

Juniper Cunningham, Harper Harrison, Abby Longenecker, Porter McIlvaine, Veronica Miu

Green/Turtle: Scene 1 (Parents, Students), Scene 5 (Sea Animal), Scene 8 (Turtles), Scene 11 (Fish),

Scene 12 (Sea Animal, Parents)

Cayden Brown, Taylor Brown, Jet Druley, Brooklyn Gillihan, Ireland Gillihan, Paige Lewis, Toby Liddy

Red/Shark: Scene 2 (Sharks), Scene 5 (Moon Fish), Scene 9 (Sea Animal), Scene 12 (Sea Animal)

Finley Bluey, Adyn Klusti, Hayden Lane, Madison Owensby, Hailey Svenson, Courtney Urbanek

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