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Board Openings

This shall serve as notice that the Wadsworth Footlighters are in search of people who would like to become members of the Board of Directors of the Footlighters. The following is a brief description of the position and responsibilities as a member of the board:

  • Terms shall be for a period of three years beginning on January 1st, 2018. There are currently four openings.
  • There is also one position available to complete the term of a resigning member. That position shall be filled for a period of two years.
  • The board meets once a month.
  • Duties of board members include serving on committees to help with productions, which might be in the areas of costumes, casting, ticketing, concessions, and others.
  • Board members will also be involved in reading plays and helping determine the next seasons.
  • Board members will work together to help the Wadsworth Footlighters grow and serve the theater community in Wadsworth and the surrounding area according to the mission statement.

Anyone interested in applying will find the application on our website.  Applications are due prior to December 15th.  If you have questions for current board members, please do not hesitate to contact any board member listed below or email The Wadsworth Footlighters at

Barb Ott
Cory Ott
Elouise Williams
Jerri Saltz
Julie Vandersommers
Leigh Sandmann
Linda McNamara
Lindsay Patterson
Mike Saltz
Rick Ott
Roger Browning